Chinese Womens Football Team Winng Asian Cup


China overcame a 2 : 0 deficit to defeat South Korea 3 : 2 in the 2022 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Womens Asian Cup final at Stadium in Navi MumbaiIndiato win their first title in 16 years on Sunday.Its also Chinas ninth Asian Cup1)trophy [ˈtrəʊfi] n.trophythe most among all teams.

In this Asian Cupthe Chinese womens football team first defeated the rivals 4 : 0 in the group stage and 7 : 0 to qualify ahead of the quarterfinalsthey reversed the Vietnamese womens football team 3 : 1.In the semifinal against the Japanese womens football teamthe Chinese womens football team fell behind twicebut the whole team did not give up.They equalized the score at the last minute of overtime and eliminated their2)opponent [əˈpəʊnənt] n.opponentsthrough penalty kicks and entered the final.

In the evening of February 6Beijing timethe 2022 Womens Asian Cup final kicked off.The Korean womens football team is an Asian3)powerhouse [ˈpaʊəhaʊs] adj.powerhousecurrently ranked 18th in the world and 4th in Asia.The Chinese womens football team ranks 19th in the world and 5th in Asia.The overall strength of the two teams is comparable.

The Chinese womens football team4)trail [treɪl] v.trailedby two goals in the first half.Although the Chinese womens football team fell behindthe whole team was not discouraged.On the contrarythe deficit made the players more determined and bold.Chinese players displayed very different forms in the first and second half of the Shuang recalled that manager Shui Qingxia told them to stop feeling nervous during the halftime break in the locker room.

We just communicated with each other5)frankly [ˈfræŋkli] adv.frankly Shui recalledI defined clear roles for every position and then asked players to do their part.I think both training and game-playing were toughso I hope my players could enjoy football by doing it.They are talentedso they should believe in themselves.I like to talk to my players because its important for us to trust each other.

In the 67th minutethe6)referee [ˌrefəˈriː] n.refereegave China a penalty kick.Tang Jiali scored for Chinaand the Chinese womens football team chased the score to 1 : 2.

Just 5 minutes laterTang Jiali made a breakthrough pass from the rightand Zhang Linyanwho had just come off the benchflanked in place and headed to the top to equalize the score.The score on the field became 2 : 2.

In7)stoppae [ˈstɒpɪdʒ] n.stoppagetimethe whole team of the Chinese womens football team played energetically and kept the goal.In the 93rd minuteXiao Yuyi also scored a lore goaland the Chinese womens football team reversed the victory 3 : 2 and won the Asian Cup championship after 16 years!

The victory comes from8)indomitable [ɪnˈdɒmɪtəbl] adj.indomitableplayers.For exampleChinas ace Wang Shuang carried an injury to appear in the final against South Korea.She said its a dream come true to win the Asian Cup title.

We have always wanted to show the best of ourselves and conquer the top stage of Asian football Wang saidWe have achieved a small goal now.